The Benefits of Marriage Counseling


One of the best relationships among two people is marriage. This kind of relationship is based on trust, respect and intimacy. When your marriage fails, you can get deeply affected and it is most likely that your health and happiness will suffer. Your self-worth and sense of identity often lies on the strength of your relationship to the most important person in your life. And when that bond weakens, it seems as if everything makes no sense anymore.

When your marital relationship is at the brink of destruction, you and your partner have two options. The first one is you can stay together and work things out, the second is separation. Some people choose the third option which is to become passive and pretend that nothing is wrong or think that the problem will go away on its own. This option should never be taken seriously as it would only cause more problems that you could ever imagine.

If you decide that your relationship is worth saving, you are probably thinking now how you will do it if you and your partner can’t even have a single conversation without fighting. This is where professional marriage mediation comes into place. You will need the assistance of a marriage counselor to help you work things out with your partner.

Once you and your partner admit to yourselves that your relationship needs fixing but neither of you knows how or where to start, seeing a counselor is the best option. He/she can help determine the cause of the problem such as analyzing behavior patterns that often lead to conflict. When the root cause of the problem is identified, then actions can be taken to modify them. The reasons for certain behaviors like dishonesty and infidelity will also be discovered.

Marriage counseling Melbourne helps interpret different kinds of emotions that are caused by certain behaviors. Determining what kind of emotions a particular behavior causes to your partner will help you fix the way you communicate and behave as a couple. If you think your partner is supposed to know what you think or feel about something even without saying anything to him/her, you are mistaken. You must understand that people don’t develop psychic abilities just by getting married.

Seeking a relationship counseling Melbourne helps you determine the difference between who you think your partner is and who he/she really is. If you know each other’s desires and motivation, it would be much easier to understand each other’s behavior and find a common ground and possibly create a new interest. Communication becomes a powerful tool that makes the bond of marriage stronger rather a weapon to win the never ending debate of knowing who’s right and wrong.

VCPS offers extensive marriage counseling for couples to help them make their marriages work. Visit out official website to find out more about our services.


About vcpsmelbourne

I specialise in working with adolescents and adults who want to understand the deeper workings of their emotions, and the factors that enable them to live more fulfilling lives. I work with individuals, families, and school staff. I also help schools and businesses recognise and promote factors that enhance organisational and staff well-being. Previously I held the role of program co-ordinator in the Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Unit at Maroondah Hospital, during which time I completed the Developmental Psychiatry Program. In addition, I have worked in the field of adolescent mental health in the United Kingdom.
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